Secondary (Grade 9-10)

MLS IV – Brain Based

MLS IV curriculum is designed for 15 -16 years old who are at a crucial juncture of life as they are posed with challenging choices and external assessments, all of which can prove to be very daunting. MLS IV follows the Brain-Based Approach to learning and provides them with strong concept clarity, critical thinking and decision-making skills, and ample drill and practice which makes them Examination Smart but also ready to face the world. Great care is taken to form the personality and character of the students during this phase. This phase also remains crucial to develop leadership skills in students as they are at the threshold of entering a bigger world post the completion of their schools. Thus, efforts are being made to imbibe the ability to lead with responsibility while engaging the students in extracurricular activities.

Value based, skilled and an analytical approach to every situation, the children in this age group enjoy the first step to shaping the path to their careers. Learning through hands on experience and walking towards fulfilling their emotional and intellectual need, these children enjoy this exciting phase of life through interesting teaching learning strategies.

The learners in this age group have advanced cognitive abilities and are capable of thinking through challenging situations with a degree of finesse. In order to provide opportunities to help the learners develop further in terms of skills such as information processing, application and presentation, a set of concept related projects have been designed for them. These also have inbuilt methods for development of life skills. Thus the CCE requirements are met through these component as it provides a platform for giving the learners an activity based assignment.