Primary (Grade 1-5)

The school follows an award-winning curriculum, the Millennium Learning System, which is guided by the four core principles:
• Developmental Milestone
• Sequential learning
• VAK learning styles
• Skills-based learning

The MLS is designed with extensive research and scientific thinking which has led it to be loved by all the children. The basic idea behind the curriculum and learning system is to ‘teach the way the child wants to learn’. Every child is unique, their method of grasping knowledge and perceiving the knowledge is different, thus they require a learning system that communicates to them without stressing them. The MLS is an award-winning curriculum due to its extensive student-centric approach and is loved by the children equally.

MLS I – Project Based

MLS I is uniquely designed for the age group of 6-10 years. The formative year of a child is extremely crucial. This is the time when the children come out of the play-learning mode and discover their learning style. The curriculum under MLS I allows the children to deepen their intellectual curiosity with self-paced progress. This is the stage when children learn by ‘doing’ and they are given ample opportunities to experience concept building through projects. This age group follows the Project-Based Approach which enhances their skills and makes them future-ready with key aspects like critical thinking, problem-solving, logic and reasoning, analyzing, and much more beyond the four walls of the classrooms. The learning system has over 300 exciting concept-based projects designed carefully with a supreme pedagogical method for the children to apply their knowledge and understanding.


Millennium Assessment System is formative. Examination and marks do not form crucial elements of our system. The main objective of Assessments at the Millennium Group of Schools is to bridge the learning gaps. Class Assessments at regular intervals after every concept and Term Assessments over a longer duration ensure children experience the joy of learning at every step, face every challenge, and rise above with a solution through analysis and critical thinking.