• The library at Millennium World School Faridabad is the best place to find our intellectual students and is the center of the school community, providing opportunities for reading and research, whether it’s in support of classroom work or simply to explore a particular area of interest.

    banner-bg Our library offers a comfortable, stimulating and supportive learning environment. Surrounded by more than 2500 books and other resources, students gain an appreciation of reading and researching as sources of both pleasure and personal growth. We are proud to say that we have one of the best library facilities in Greater-Faridabad.

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  • Literature is explored throughout all grades with read-aloud, displays and book discussions. In addition, librarian and subject teachers guide students in choosing pleasure reading and prepare extensive age-appropriate reading lists. By learning to locate and use information as well as developing a love of reading, Millennium students become lifelong learners.

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  • It also empowers our students with opportunities to learn how to locate, evaluate and use information in printed and computer-based resources; develop critical thinking skills; and deepen their learning in content areas across the curriculum.